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Who is David Servant?


David Servant is the Founder and President of Heaven's Family, a multi-faceted Christian ministry working in dozens of countries around the world to advance Jesus' kingdom. You can read more about the story of Heaven's Family here: https://www.heavensfamily.org/david-servant-founder/


David also has a Bible teaching ministry that touches thousands of lives every month.


You can read articles on David's official blog here: https://www.davidservant.com/


You can read David's books for free here: https://www.davidservant.com/books/


You can read David's devotionals here: https://www.davidservant.com/devotionals/


To read some of David's advice on fundraising, visit this article: https://www.ministryvoice.com/david-servant/


If you're interested in supporting David's teaching ministry, you can visit his personal support page.